I  have had chronic migraines since the age of 16 and most of my life have been trying to learn about this condition. Being diagnosed so many years ago, during the “Dark Ages” of the public and medical community starting to realize this disease did  in fact exist, was difficult. I was treated like I was the worst form of hypochondriac, writhing and crying from the pain as yet another doctor told me it was “Just a headache. Take some Tylenol and get some  rest. It’s not that bad”.  ( Insert growling noise here)

Even today, with many health organizations and the medical community on board recognizing it as a serious, debilitating, and incurable disease, I still find there is much misunderstanding among those who have never had the  “honor” of dealing with the monstrous pain and other side effects this neurological disease causes.

My hope is that this BLOG may help someone understand they are not alone in there struggles. I ask for patience as I learn to communicate something that I have for too long had to learn to hold inside.